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About the GYM

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The PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp web site is no longer taking bookings due to greed & corruption by the Thai Owners . ... read below for more details ....


11pm on Tuesday 22nd November

Im hiding out in Thailand waiting for a flight back to Australia. Keeping the story short… My greedy Thai business partners @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp (Goong & her nasty family) have set me up to be arrested so they can take over control of the gym & gym web site. PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp @ Rawai beach Phuket Thailand. Things dident go to plan for them and I refused to sign over the web site, instead I deleted it, changed the ftp access & password and now im hiding out in a safe place while I wait for a flight back to Australia.

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PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp


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Check Out >>>> Phuket Top Team


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Check Out >> GMT (Grand Master Toddy) GYM @ Bangkok Gym.


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About the Training

PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp is NOT just for Fighters.
Our Gym is open to ALL people interested @ improving their health & fitness with good food & exercise.

People come to us for reasons such as improving their fitness, diet, weight loss, detox , help give up smoking habits, Training for the ... Phuket mountain marathon, Phuket Triathlon, Phuket ironman, High humidity endurance training, FAMILY fitness holiday >> Running, Swimming, Cycling, Bjj, Muay Thai boxing, Yoga.


Fight Training (GROUP Muaythai training)
5 hours a day of Thai Boxing Training
Monday to Saturday - morning run starts @ 6am
Morning Training - 7am till 9am
Afternoon Training - 4pm till 6pm


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
PHROMTHEP ... The BJJ Program will NOT be available intill 2012. You are welcome to bring your Gi & have a roll with other students @ the gym but we will NOT be offering any structured BJJ classes intill next year #> start of 2012.


YOGA is currently available 3 days a week @ PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp
11AM - 12:30 PM ... MONDAY's - WEDNESDAY's - FRIDAY's


Private Training (Muaythai & YOGA )
PHROMTHEP Fitness Camp
One on One private TRAINING is available 7 days a week - 9am - 8pm.
One or two hours private training sessions are available with your choice of trainers. # Muay Thai # Bjj # Fitness # Yoga.


Fitness Training on the beach
We have other fitness activates available @ the GYM other than just fight training. Detox & weight loss students get the best results when they mix up their training with other sporting activities such as running, swimming, cycling & Yoga. (Mountain bikes & Triathlon bikes are available for hire @ PHROMTHEP Fitness Camp)

VIDEO of >> Morning Swim Group
PHOTO's of >> The morning Swim Group @ Naiharn beach


This training package gives you the option to do a bit of EVERYTHING...
A TOTAL of 3 hours training each day (based on a 6 day week).

TWO hours of GROUP training (Muaythai or Boxing )
ONE hour PRIVATE training... You get to choose what style of private training you want to do >> Options are >> Thai boxing / Triathlon Fitness / Yoga.
YOGA ... Our half half training package also gives you the option to join in the Group YOGA classes 3 times per week. 11 AM - 12:30 PM - Monday - Wednesday - Friday.
Total PACKAGE = 6.000 THB per week .../ 24.000 THB PER MONTH


naiharn beach phuket thailand

About Our Location

Location Location Location.. It doesn't get much better than this !
Phromthep Muay Thai Camp is in the PERFECT location to allow our students safe and easy walking to the beach, shops, restaurants, cafes & markets.

PHROMTHEP Muaythai Camp is located ... 400 meters
from the beach & shops.

400 meters from Rawai beach
800 meters from Yanui beach
1.3 Km from Naiharn beach

VIDEO of >> Morning Swim Group
PHOTO's of >> The morning Swim Group @ Naiharn beach


green coconuts at phromthep muaythai camp


The Gym restaurant at PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp is BIG on healthy food.
Food for Fuel - Raw Food - Organic Living Sprouts - Vegetarian Food - Barley Grass - Bio Yogurt - Fresh Honey & Ginger tea, Home made Soy milk, Chia Seeds, Spirulina, Green Smoothies & Live Enzyme Protein shakes, Germinated grains & seeds ... Available FRESH every day @ Phromthep Muay Thai Camp.

Looking good is 80% about what YOU EAT
& 20% about how you Exercise !


GREEN coconut Juice
Green coconuts are by far the most nutritional natural water source on the planet. Each green coconut gives approx 300 - 500 ml's of highly nutritious water. Green coconut water is 100% NATURAL & full of amino acids, essential minerals, enzymes & electrolytes. It is the high electrolyte content in the coconut that gives it that slightly salty taste.

The water in the green coconut is so good for your body that during the Vietnam war the water was siphoned directly from the coconut to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers.

Most of you people living in "COLD climate regions of the world " will rarely have the opportunity to drink fresh coconut water but if you are lucky enough to be coming to Thailand then 1 - 3 coconuts every day will give your body a HUGE energy boost.

HOW to drink green coconuts...
The hot & humid weather in Thailand can quickly dehydrate you. One HOUR of jogging / running in the mid day sun or 2 hours having FuN @ the beach can leave you feeling tired & drained of energy. A drink of fresh green coconut water will restore of energy levels instantly.

Green coconuts are available every where in Thailand. You can find them at most restaurants, street vendor's, fruit markets & tourist hot spots. Green coconuts in Thailand sell for approx 30 - 40 THB / ($1) each.

As a post run RECOVERY drink .... the green coconut is the perfect drink to restore electrolyte levels in your body. If you are in Thailand for Muay Thai training then a drink of green coconut water an hour into your training session will give you a HUGE boost of energy to get you through your 3+ hours of daily training.

If you are training for triathlons & doing BIG runs (20+ km / 2+ hours), take 40 THB with you and stop for a drink of fresh green coconut water when you feel the need to hydrate & refuel. Cycling ... Add some green coconut water to your bottle of training water (50 / 50 mix), it will give you a HUGE & very noticeable increase of energy during your ride.

GREEN coconuts are available every day @ PHROMTHEP Muay Thai Camp.


green smoothie vegan food for high energy to fuel and cleanse your body during detox

High Enzymes - Living Food - Raw food

The GREEN SMOOTHIE is a liquid SALAD that gives a huge amount of organic green vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals & most importantly fresh ENZYMES.

We add fresh green vegetables, chia seed, germinated grains, spirulina, fresh fruits, mixed together in a blender with water to make fine liquid pulp.
A bottle of green smoothie will keep good in the fridge for 48 hours.

Green smoothie is perfect as a meal replacement for weight loss or as a nutrient booster for people that suffer with chronic fatigue & digestive problems.

The average cooked meal takes 1 - 3 hours for your digestive system to break down the food and start refueling your body. When you drink a GREEN SMOOTHIE you save your digestive system a HUGE amount of WORK because the food that makes up the GREEN SMOOTHIE has already been mixed to a fine pulp so your body can digest the nutrients faster, your recovery from HARD training will takes only hours rather than days. The GREEN SMOOTHIE is 100% VEGETARIAN



If you are training HARD then you should be eating 5 x a day.
By drinking a glass of GREEN SMOOTHIE with every cooked meal you will improve the nutritional quality of each meal by a HUGE amount. The fresh enzymes & nutrients in the GREEN SMOOTHIE give your body a VERY noticeable increase in energy & much faster recovery from exercise, The increase in muscle mass & strength can ne noticed within a few weeks.



The Green smoothie diet is perfect for stripping down the years of food abuse & burning away the layers fat from your around your belly.

We start your weight loss program by replacing one cooked meal each day with a bottle of Green smoothie & put you on an exercise program of 2 - 4 hours of fitness training each day.

The Green smoothie's give you a noticeable increase in energy, by the 2nd week most weight loss students are ready to replace 2 cooked meals a day with 2 - 3 bottles of green smoothie. The more GREEN SMOOTHIE & less cooked / processed food you consume, the MORE energy you will have !

As your energy levels increase so will the intensity & duration of your training sessions. In less than 2 weeks on the green smoothie diet your weight loss, increase in energy & improved fitness levels should be very noticeable.

To get the best results you should exercise 3 - 4 times each day.
(1 - 2 hours @ each training session ) Smaller training sessions more frequently keeps your metabolism burning body fat for fuel all day !

6am Morning run / Power walk (1 hour)
10am Swimming laps ( 30 minutes - 1 hour)
3pm Personal training session @ the GYM (1 - 2 hours)
6pm Cycling / weight training / yoga / sunset walk on the beach. (1 hour)

One or two hours of personal training with our Thai boxing trainers will push your fitness levels to the MAXX and ensure your sweating off more than enough calories to burn the fat from your body.

Over our 9+ years of promoting weight loss & fitness training @ Phuket ... the people that have lost the most weight are the ones that mixed up their training with other sporting activities such as swimming, cycling, kayaking, running, weight training, yoga, Thai boxing, body surfing, power walks @ the beach.

All of the sporting activates mentioned above are available @ Phuket.

Take NOTE:
The Green Smoothie diet is perfect for ANY one that wants to lose body fat and bring out the definition of their muscles / 6pack.

Avoid ALL junk food, processed foods, sweet's, dairy products, processed breakfast cereals such as cornflakes, weetbix, fruit loops, coco pops. Drink lots of room temperature WATER (coffee in moderation ) NO soft drinks, NO pre packaged fruit Juices, NO sports recovery drinks.

An OVER weight person can easily lose 10+ kg of unwanted fat in less than a month by exercising 2 - 4 times a day (1 + hours @ each training session) & sticking to the Green Smoothie diet.

250ml bottle of Green Smoothie = *100 Thai Baht (per Day)
2 - 5 bottles is recommended each day as a complete meal replacement.
GREEN SMOOTHIES are made FRESH every day and available @ the GYM restaurant between 9am & 9pm.

chia seed phuket thailand
CHIA SEEDs ... PERFECT for Training in the TROPICs


Chia seeds are used by tri athletes & ultra marathon runners to replenish electrolytes & keep the body hydrated. When you are training 4 - 6 hours a day in THAILAND you sweat so much that your body can quickly become dehydrated & deficient in electrolytes. Your sweat starts to taste extra salty & you start to get muscle spasms followed by muscle cramps. LOW electrolytes in your body = SLOW recovery from training & fast to fatigue during training.

Mixing Chia seeds with your water is the PERFECT way to keep your body hydrated & your electrolytes levels balanced. Chia seeds are a good source of antioxidants, dietary fiber, protein, electrolytes & omega 3.


CHIA SEEDs absorb 10 TIMES their WEIGHT in water.

Chia seeds slow feed your body with h20, electrolytes, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, Omega 3 & protein. Chia seeds give you an incredibly 'sustaining' surge of ENRGY & much improved hydration after long runs or heavy training sessions. Chia seeds are PERFECT for training in the high humidity of the TROPICs.


How to use Chia seeds...
When you are exercising in the Tropics you sweat .... ALOT.
Chia seeds mixed with water helps keep your electrolyte levels in balance.


CHIA SEED in your Training Water...
Add 1 spoon of Chia seeds to a 1 - 2 liter bottle of water. Wait 10 minutes BEFORE you drink the Chia water because the seeds need time to absorb some of the water.


For best results ... drink water mixed with chia seeds (Chia water) at EVERY training session & your body will reward you with a noticeably faster recovery time.


Make enough CHIA SEED for a day
CHIA seeds take 10 - 20 minutes to hydrate when soaked in water but it takes another 2 - 3 hours before the germination process unlocks the nutrients in the germinating CHIA seeds. BEFORE going to bed.... add 5 table spoons of Chia seed to 1 liter of water, shake the contents well to mix the water & CHIA seeds together. Leave the bottle of hydrated CHIA seed on the kitchen bench for 3 - 12 hours (over night is perfect). In the morning put it in the fridge and this will slow down the growth of the seeds & stop bacteria / mold from growing on the seeds. If left to sit on the bench @ room tempature the CHIA seeds will sprout into micro GREENs in approx 24 - 36 hours but if you put the bottle of germinating chia seed in the fridge to simulate a colder climate you can slow down the sprouting period by 5 - 7 days.

Their is no limit to how much Chia seed a person can consume in a day. On an average day I drink 2 - 3 Table spoons of chia seed mixed with as many bottles of training water & on HEAVY TRAINING days I drink 5 - 7 table spoon's of chia seed through out my day.


Looking for Chia Seeds @ Phuket ...
Bring your water bottle to the Gym Restaurant & you can have a table spoon of Chia seed added to your drinking water for only 30 Thai Baht (approx $1)

Chia seeds can also be purchased @ PHROMTHEP Muaythai Camp, 1kg bag = 2,000 Thb / 30% discount available for wholesale orders of 20+kg (see Danny Avison @ PHROMTHEP muaythai camp for more information about Chia seed)

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